For Graduate Novice

  • There is no heel off leash, except figure 8.
  • The drop on recall is the same, except you can give a hand AND/or voice command to drop.
  • The Recall will be performed like the Novice Recall but with the dog holding the dumbbell.
  • In addition to the Novice Recall, the dog will promptly take, hold, and deliver the dumbbell when commanded.
  • There is no long sit.

Graduate Open

  • Signal Exercise.: the exercise and scoring will be the same as in the Utility Signal exercise, except that leaving the dog will be from 10 to 20 feet and the handler may give the command and/or signal on the judge’s order to stand and the judge’s signals to stay, down, sit, come, and finish.
  • Scent Discrimination: The exercise and scoring will be the same as in the Utility Scent Discrimination exercise except that there will only be four articles (two leather and two metal), the handler and dog will remain facing the articles, and only one article will be retrieved. It is the handler’s discretion as to which article is retrieved.
  • Directed Retrieve.The exercise and scoring will be performed as the Utility Directed Retrieve exercise, except that no center glove is used.
  • Moving Stand and Examination. The exercise and scoring will be the same as in the Utility Moving Stand and Examination, except that the handler may pause or hesitate when giving the command and/or signal to stand.
  • Go Out.The handler will stand in the approximate center of the ring between the jumps facing the unobstructed end of the ring. The judge will order “Send your dog,” and the handler will command and/or signal the dog to go forward at a brisk trot or gallop to a point about 20 feet past the jumps in the approximate center of the ring. When the dog reaches this point, the handler will give a command to sit. The dog must stop and sit with its attention on the handler, but it need not sit squarely. The judge will then order the handler, “Return to your dog,” and the handler will return to the heel position.
  • Directed Jumping. The handler will stand with the dog sitting in the heel position at the unobstructed end and in the center of the ring. The judge will order “Leave your dog,” and the handler will walk to the far end of the ring and turn to face the dog. The judge will order either “Bar” or “High” for the jump, and the handler will command and/or signal the dog to return to the handler over that designated jump. While the dog is in midair, the handler may turn to face the dog as it returns. The dog will sit in front of the handler, and, on order from the judge, finish as in the Novice Recall. The dog will be sent over only one jump, and the same jump will be used for all dogs as designated by the judge at the start of the class.

The third new event is Versatality.

  • Six exercises will be performed: two each from the Novice, Open, and Utility Classes. There will be no Group Exercises.

“The AKC Board of Directors recently approved the recommendations of the AKC Obedience Advisory Committee. The recommendations include changes designed to improve the overall obedience program and offer exhibitors more chances to compete. The majority of these changes will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2009, while other changes will become active in 2010 or 2011. In addition, clubs will have the option of offering new Optional Titling classes and Non-Regular classes starting in 2009.”

You can read the rules on the AKC site here starting on page 49.

These new events will be featured at the Winter Classic and most of the area upcomming shows.

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  1. […] New AKC Events Posted on January 12, 2009 by lindawatts I  have more NQ’s than I care to count or divulge. There could be a solution to those who find the next Obedience class just beyond reach. Starting in 2009  (for us, at the Winter Classic) AKC is offering new title classes, under the Non Regular Classification –  Graduate Novice, Graduate Open and Versatility. If you have your CD, but aren’t quite up to a CDX qualification, try the Graduate Class….more […]

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