Dogs 101

New show on Animal Planet airs Oct 11, 8PM

Dogs 101
French Bulldog, Poodle, Airedale, Chihuahua, Labrador

Can the Poodle actually read? Is the French Bulldog the loudest snorer? Did John Wayne’s Airedale give him his nickname? Do Labs swim faster than ducks? And is the Chihuahua actually related to a fox?. These questions and more will be answered!

Cesar Millan to Guest Star on Bones

Fans of Cesar Millan will want to tune in to the Fox network show “Bones” on Wednesday, Sept.17 to see Cesar playing himself, helping solve a case.

EpisodeThe Finger in the Nest
Parker, Booth’s son, discovers a corpse’s finger in a bird’s nest, causing the team to launch an investigation to try to find the rest of the body. After finding the corpse, the team discovers that the death was caused by a dog, leading them to an illegal dog fighting ring and a search for the killer dog and its owner.

Watch the Fox sneak preview!