St. Hubert’s Trial Announced

An upcoming St. Hubert’s trial will be held on Saturday, February 28th at Pawsitive Partners Dog Training Center in Indianapolis!  We’ll have 2 trials that day and the details and entry forms are included in the  premium.  And feel free to forward the information to anyone who might not have received it who you know is interested in participating.

Also, some of you may have seen that St. Hubert’s recently announced the Top 20 dogs in each class for 2008.  The rankings are based on a points system on scores over 191.  If you haven’t seen the list yet, I encourage you to check it out at:

You’ll see many names of friends and acquaintances from our trials this past year!  It is a great testament to the effort everyone has put forth in making this registry a great success in this area.  We’re looking forward to an equally fun 2009 with you!

St. Hubert’s Announces August Show

St. Hubert’s will hold a show on August 24 at Indy K9 in Beech Grove.