Banned by Many Airlines, These Bulldogs Fly Private –




Many airlines now forbid brachycephalic breeds, like bulldogs and pugs, from their planes, causing inconvenience for their owners — and opening a niche for companies that cater to pet travel. Read more…

Banned by Many Airlines, These Bulldogs Fly Private –

What to Know When Traveling With Your Pet – Practical Traveler –

SUMMER vacation is no longer just for two-legged travelers. Room service
menus for Fido, massages for over-stressed terriers and tabbies, cushy
beds for canines: many hotels have been ratcheting up the pet amenities.
Best Western has even hired Cesar Millan of National Geographic
Channel’s “Dog Whisperer” to be the chain’s pet travel expert. read more.

They call it puppy love: Honda’s dog-friendly Element

They call it puppy love: Honda's dog-friendly Element

They call it puppy love: Honda's dog-friendly Element

The new version of the Element is sort of a rolling Ritz-Carlton for the canine set. It features a built-in bed in the cargo area, a private electric cooling fan, a spill-proof water bowl and a mesh net to keep animals separated from people. Rubber floor mats are embellished with a dog-bone design.

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Physical Culture | Gear Test, Hiking Gear for Dogs

To facilitate canine hiking expeditions, a vast array of gear has been introduced in recent years. The owner of a dog walking and hiking service and her dogs test five kinds of outdoor dog gear. More

Dog Friendly Grand Haven, MI

If you are looking for a dog friendly weekend getaway, head up US 31 to Grand Haven. D and I spent a wonderful weekend in Grand Haven walking in wooded parks and a dog friendly beach.

The drive was an easy 4.5 hours up US 31. When you get into Michigan, 31 runs with I-194 and there is a nice rest stop for you and your dog. A great place to stay is the Holiday Inn. They have dog friendly rooms on the ground floor near a grassy area. The pet fee is $10 per dog per night. Up to two dogs can stay in each standard room. There are designated walking areas for dogs and complimentary treats are available. Special needs dogs are exempt from the pet fee.

Grand Haven City Beach is a dog friendly beach, and dogs can run free at the south end. A wonderful walking park is Duncan Park. You’ll see plenty of dogs strolling the streets of the picturesque town.

When your pup is pooped, but you still have some energy, put on your walking shoes and head to Rosy Mound natural area to see the dunes and an incredible pine forrest.

Here are a few selected photos from my trip. Let me know if you go!